HBA-Lab is a Thales Research & Technology Netherlands initiative. Focus and ambition of the Lab: Brain Computer Interface technologies, in particular understanding the value of bidirectional BCIs. BCIs providing two-way communication and influence between brain and computer, which may open the full potential to exploit human-machine teaming and performance. Special emphasis is given to multi-brain computer interface where teams are competing and/or collaborating and where mutual trust is essential.

Thales believes that humans must remain crucial to all critical decision-making in situations that increasing system autonomy brings. Therefore, Thales needs a perfect understanding of the mechanisms behind AI developments as well as analyzing human (team) behaviours as people interact with these new systems. The focus on HBA-Lab is on the human side.

HBA-Lab (started in 2018) is the successor of T-Xchange: Game Design & Science – a research collaboration between Thales Research and Technology and the University of Twente (2008-2017), which had its focus on serious games and game analytics. Research on game analytics is gradually evolving towards human behaviour analytics and BCIs.